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Kerry's complaint against Shpock

Kerry Fazackerley


Contacting Shpock regarding my restricted account

Complaint against Shpock

I had my account restricted due to a complete oversight on my behalf and they told me I could have the restriction lifted providing I contact the person who I sold something to and resolve the matter, which I did straight away. I emailed Shpock (as I couldn’t get hold of them any other way) and gave them this information and over 24 hrs later I had a clearly automated reply telling me that Shpock had received my email but as they are updating their systems due to lots of people joining it will take a few days to reply. This was 5 days ago and I’ve heard absolute nothing. I’ve emailed them 4 more times and still nothing. I have a 5 star review rating on Shpock and what’s worrying me is that I’m in the middle of transactions of buying things and people buying off me and if I can’t contact them they’ll just think I’m either ignoring them or I have cancelled the transaction, which I haven’t and my review rating is sure to drop because of this. To say this is frustrating is an absolute understatement. The way Shpock have gone about this is extremely unprofessional and if they can restrict my account over a complete oversight then they should honour their word and unrestrict me as as far as I’m concerned, I have resolved the matter. There isn’t even a U.K. phone number for them!!!!!

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Suzanne Maria | | VERIFIED

Having trouble sending a private message 2 people or it's saying is restricted and I will receive an email been a few days now and I haven't had one yet
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