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colin's complaint against Shpock

colin graham


Got scammed for £55 4 weeks ago and Shpock are not interested!

Complaint against Shpock

I bought a item on Shpock just over 4 weeks ago and after the partner received payment he stopped replying to me and didn't post the item. I informed Shpock who sent him a kind message and that was it I couldn't flag the user again as I already did so, so I was left to wait another 1 until I actually had to tag Shpock on my personal Instagram account to get a reply and they told me they would reply via the app. All they did was send another polite message to the partner who read the message and didn't reply. So then I said to Shpock I thought these agreements were legally binding !? What legal action are you going to take against this person and they diverted the question saying I should've used PayPal! Well I don't have PayPal for a very good reason and I thought my payment was safe as Shpock claim these are legally binding contracts ! Obviously they are not as Shpock can't do a single thing to get my money or the many other people who have been scammed via this app ! Honestly have a look on Google and you will see as soon as Shpock get caught out with the legally binding agreements they state on all transactions they just stop replying to you and that's it ! Not a single thing you can do about it ! So for them to say these agreements are legally binding is false advertising at the very least !

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