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Nicola's complaint against Shpock

Nicola Stapleton


Hi I was selling a mum bracelet to a person on shpock called amaan S he didn't buy the item

Complaint against Shpock

He wanted to give me extra money £20 more if I would drive all the way to Oldham I already told him I only use pay pal, and I always send items first class signed for. He wanted me to drive I said I couldn't drive that far as I don't deliver. And I said he could be a schopath. He said True. I never swore at him, I was worried as he wanted a lone women to drive to Oldham I already told him I only post. He has given me a bad review saying I swore at him and was rude...,, I did none of this. I reported it to shpock and they did nothing about it. Which I find strange as he is still on there. And so is the bad review I got. The fact is shpock never removed the person, and never got back to me about reporting him..., yes he could be a someone you wouldn't want to meet. As he was determined me going alone. Why couldn't I just send it him. He said he never wanted it. That sends Alarm bells to me, I feel like shpock could be putting people in danger... I want the review removed and then I would like to be removed from shpock.

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Nicola Stapleton | | VERIFIED

They said there dealing with it. But nothing has been done. :( to be honest I just want my account deleted.
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