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Georgina's complaint against Shpock

Georgina Ridley


[LAPSED] I'm getting no replies from a seller after we have accepted offers.

Complaint against Shpock

This deal I am complaining about was made on my partners shpock. Basically we put an offer in on some canvasses and the seller accepted. We messaged her asking when we could collect to which we recieved no message back until the next morning (which was strange anyway considering we sent the message as soon as she accepted our offer!). When she replied in the morning she said she was available all day for us to collect so we sent her a message saying we would be able to collect between 2pm and 4pm and could we have her address please... We then sent her ANOTHER message asking for her address after she didn't reply for about 2 hours. Eventually she replied at 10pm at night telling us her address to which my partner replied was no good as I had the car at work for my night shift. We asked when we could collect for today yesterday to which we AGAIN didn't get a reply back until this morning saying we can collect after 5 which is no good as yet again I have the car for the night shift. Its not a massive issue its just really starting to wind me up. I have sold plenty of things on shpock myself and have never been so lazy and unresponsive to a buyer before. I'd rather just not buy it from her and just cancel the deal.

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Lapsed. Georgina has not responded in 90 days

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Shpock Team | | VERIFIED

Hi Georgina, You can report a user for not replying on the item page on the app. Alternatively, please contact us via [email protected] and we will look into the issue. Thanks, Your Shpock Team
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