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Shannel's complaint against Shpock

Shannel Adams


[RESPONDED] Lost Money

Complaint against Shpock

I use shpock a lot of the time and thought it was fabulous and felt safe that when you buy something it states its a legal bidding contract.. or so I thought. I brought concert tickets at the start of February and did not receive the tickets.. after a week of reporting this to shpock I contacted them, they sent x3 reminders to the partner and finally told me to report it to the fraud police and my bank. I have done this and yet I still do not have my £80, I feel shpock could have contacted the authorities and made the report seen as it is supposed to be legal agreement but they have not assisted with any of the matter. I feel very let down by shpock and it has changed my thoughts on using and recommending it. STAY CLEAR OF SHPOCK!

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Shpock Team | | VERIFIED

HI Shannel We are terribly sorry to hear this. Are you still communicating with our support team on this matter? If not, can you please contact us via direct message on social media. Deals are legally binding but it is the relevant legal authorities who enforce this and Shpock provides them with all necessary information upon request. Thanks Your Shpock Team

Shannel Adams | | VERIFIED

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