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Kirstine 's complaint against Shpock

Kirstine Cox


Scam seller, no action from shpock

Complaint against Shpock

I've emailed shpock three times about a bag I bought on shpock. The seller actually wasn't the owner of the bag. She copied the listing from ebay and pretended it was hers. So I opened a paypal case. She then left me abusive feedback on shpock which is still there! She's scammed other people but continues to trade on shpock. She needs to be blocked and the feedback removed but shpock does nothing!

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Tracy Maria | | VERIFIED

Scammers paradise beware I’ll never buy off shpock again ! My teenage son was scammed out of £100 from some scummy lowlife he has screenshots of item he was ‘selling ‘ and their conversation but still can’t do anything! What’s the point !!

jamie Webb | | VERIFIED

would say only buy in person.

jamie Webb | | VERIFIED

never pay unless you use a credit card or paypal.

Rose Mcglynn | | VERIFIED

I am still waiting for my refund s back been over two weeks now can't get to talk to anyone about this I am a old lady and need what little money I have

Kirstine Cox | | VERIFIED

I closed down my shpock account in the end, having had problem after problem.
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