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Jane's complaint against Shpock

Jane Bryant


[LAPSED] Scammers with mulitple accounts

Complaint against Shpock

Ive recently sold a item on shpock, the couple said they had full money but only arrived with 1/3 of it for it to be held until a few days, felt very intimidated by them both so agreed, they were gypsies by the way and there eyes was everywhere around my house, Ive heard no more from them but am afraid to sell the item on just incase they come back and am now afraid to leave my home just incase I'm burgled, what can you suggest to me cause I'm pulling my hair out here? 😔Ive also found out they use multiple accounts on shpock to dube people...

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Lapsed. Jane has not responded in 90 days

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Shpock Team | | VERIFIED

Hi Jane, Have you already reported the issue to our Support Team? if not, please contact them at [email protected] and they will help you with this issue. Many Thanks Your Shpock Team
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