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charmander's complaint against Shpock

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Complaint against Shpock

I recently purchased an iPhone X for almost 500 pounds from a seller on Shpock and it has been 11 days since where I have not received the item nor heard from them. Having sent multiples messages enticing me towards buying this 'genuine' product, this seller promised to provide details of delivery and will 'show me the receipt'. I have reported this to Shpock a number of times and received a message stating that the scammer's account will be 'restricted', however today I have noticed that he is following me on the app, asking for a review and has relisted THE EXACT SAME ITEM! This clearly shows that no action has been taken since the scam, and because of this, I have made a report with Action Fraud and will report this to the Consumer Ombudsmen in addition to a report to the authorities! I have even tried to call shpock every single day since, given the slow response, and constantly receiving the same response stating that the lines 'are busy' and instantly being cut off, (I was not even put on hold!) Additionally, the law states that "the goods must match their description and the photograph used." The item did not even arrive, therefore I am raising a dispute as I was not protected from counterfeit goods. The seller is now using the identity of an individual on Twitter but under the same address in Hertfordshire and is selling the iPhone x for 400 pounds. This is the one I had paid for but not received! Nor did I see any messages from him since payment. I will contact finderly GMBH too.

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Hamza Wolf | | VERIFIED

Did you ever get your money back, I'm in a similar situation.

Charlene Hayes | | VERIFIED

Hi I'm in the same situation sent the money and no response what do I do?

charmander hk | | VERIFIED

Shpock will not do anything to help. I'd suggest speaking to your bank? If you paid using a credit card or PayPal you may be able to get your money back
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