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Olga's complaint against Shpock

Olga S


Shoock discriminated me ignored me and allowed someone to put my details for "sale"

Complaint against Shpock

I got some person who wanted to buy my shoes, we agreed she pays into my UK bank account. When she said to me she made a payment and asked if I got and actually I DIDNT GET it YET she lashed out at me offending insulting and saying I'm a liar !!! I asked for telephone number of her , my husband called her because I was really upset about it and she just wouldn't stop insulting!!! I said I couldn't send Her the shoes until I got the payment arrived into my account but she kept insulting and insulting and insulting. She was stalking me on Shpock for two days. I had to delete my listings because she wouldn't stop sending her offensive messages. And worse than that she put on her Shoock profile two listings for "sale" the apparent receipt of the transfer she made to me - with my full name and personal bank details !!!!!!!! Crossed but nonetheless mine !!! I contacted via email the support team of Shpock but not even a brief response. Instead, 3 days later they sent me a small message into my Shpock app saying "I need to clarify the situation with the other user because the item hasn't been delivered yet". Just total nonsense. I sent 5 emails explaining everything and not even a personal reply. They didn't even remove her listings with my personal private and bank details !!!!! I decided to report this to Action Fraud police in the UK. I really hope this Shpock will get what they deserve for treating an innocent person like they did. Just a disgrace !!!!!!!!!! By the way, in the end her payment arrived, delayed but this is not the reason to insult someone as that wasn't my fault since also she refused to even call her bank to find out what went wrong with her transfer. And that's not even the reason that Shpock treats their users like that. What are the terms and conditions for then ??? I posted the shoes. But after this I don't want to hear about Shpock ever again. Until they make up to me and fully apologise for they attitude and discrimination against me. That was absolutely unacceptable. Will not recommend Shpock to anyone unless one is a lunatic.

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