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Mdy's complaint against Shpock

Mdy Aniladam


[LAPSED] Shpok block accounts abusively

Complaint against Shpock

Shpok block accounts abusively without notifying the person and without investigating. And When you violate the terms and conditions, they should write somewhere like : second time when you will violate the terms and conditions you will be bannet Forever!!! So the people they will no they only have a chance!!! And as i said they don’t investigate. virtually anyone can report anyone without reason and can wake up with their closed account

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Lapsed. Mdy has not responded in 90 days

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Shpock Team | | VERIFIED

HI there. Shpock always contacts the user via email with the reasons for the restriction and how the account can be unrestricted. Warning are given regarding the continual violation of our terms and conditions. Kind Regards Your Shpock Team
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