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Jacky's complaint against Shpock

Jacky charnley


Very rude message from Shpock advisor

Complaint against Shpock

I am absolutely amazed and disappointed today to receive a message from shock support to say I have been bannned from Shpock forever for selling replica items ....the ironic thing is I have spotted so many fake Louis Vuitton items on there that I have been reporting them to try to make Shpock a better selling platform as there are so many people getting scammed ! I have sold a few LV items myself on Shpock from my personal collection and always ensure that I take a pic of the date code to prove authenticity.... I would never in my life try to sell replica or fake items as I don't believe in ripping people off. Furthermore the item they just restricted me for is now up and running on a site where authentification is done before it is advertised. Customer support has also told me that any reply I send will not be responded to unfair that I'm not even allowed to put a case for myself . I did think Shpock was a great selling place but now realise they do not care about their genuine customers at all ...just like another large online site I used to use . Hopefully they will have the decency to reply to this and give me an explanation for my lifetime ban ....

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