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Jon's complaint against Shpock

Jon Tog


Why is there no UK phone support number to report fraud to Shpock?

Complaint against Shpock

Why is there no UK phone support number to speak to Shpock? The only number I can find is an Austrian one. This does not instil confidence. I paid someone who refuses to send the goods or answer messages. I have his phone number but he does not reply. I have his bank account details and all the time he is still selling the same items on Shpock! Don't you care? I have blatant evidence of fraud but I can not speak to Shpock about it because they are evidently not interested. I see Shpock reps ignorranty pasting the same Austrain contact phone number on here as if it's going to help everyone. It does nothing but frustrate us! Are you aware that not everyone lives in Austria? Shpock....stop being so ignorrant...we are from UK not Austria so give us your UK support number...not your Austrian one. If you want to appear competent and worthy you should display a freephone number for every country you operate in, not just Austria. You should be ashamed.

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Can not receive payments from buyers why?
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