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Amie's complaint against WigsWay

Amie Deans


£127 human hair wig is actually synthetic

Complaint against WigsWay

I ordered a human hair wig from wigway.co.uk costing £127. When the wig arrived the quality was not good and I knew instantly it was actually synthetic hair (i own several synthetic wigs each costing no more than £20) NOT human hair as the website states. The wig hairline was stiched into silver fabric..... who has a silver hairline!!! I took the wig to my cousin who is a fully qualified hairdresser and she confirmed it is in fact synthetic. I immediately emailed wigsway to ask for a return address as I wanted a full refund due to the reasons above. I have since been back and forth via email to wigsway (lady called Lucy, bad english),in each email I have asked for a return address but never has that information been given. Constantly telling me "it will cost you so much money to return it why dont you keep it and we will refund you £10 and give you 15% discount on your next order (i would not be of sound mind if i ever used this company again), this offer kept going up with each rejection email I sent, £35, £50 and as of my last email received from them at 2.30am this morning £65 plus the 15% discount but these offers only started coming once I had put in a claim with paypal to get my money back!!! Not once have they aknowledged my statement of "ITS NOT HUMAN HAIR.. ITS SYNTHETIC!!!! Even though I put this in every email, no need to be so smug..... atleast try and deny it!!!

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