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zakaria's complaint against Microsoft

zakaria ramzan


13 yer old used , my debit card to buy £2,160 of FIFA points in 2 months

Complaint against Microsoft

my 13 , year old son who has , registered mine and my mums debit card on to the xbox , and bought fifa points. from 25.12.17 up until 22.02.18 totalling £2160 I only realised this when we checked our bank statements as both me and my mum didn't seem to have money in our accounts to cover out goings . I have spoken to Microsoft on 3 occasions, each time it take's me between 40-50 mins to get through , today they have refused to refund me any money back , even though I pointed out a, both cards were not authorised to buy anything from them. b , I believe this is a form of Gambling, if you look at how the process works , its a gamble because you don't really know what your going to get., so for Microsoft to allow A 13 year old to gamble is unethically wrong . I live from month to month from my wages , and my mum is a 79 year old pensioner. I don't believe that my son is totally not to blame but to me Microsoft are prying on young people , by making it so easy to register and use . I need help because Microsoft just don't want to hear how difficult life has become because the huge shortfall in our income and day to day life . I work really hard for my money , literally surviving . this could have long term effect on our life because of the impact .

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