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UK 's complaint against Microsoft

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Microsoft Refund

Complaint against Microsoft

I bought a digital game Called Forza Horizion 4 Ultimate Edition on Preorder From Xbox The first 2 weeks youtube was laden with exploits and cheat codes meaning this game was released to soon this game crashed shut down started up shut down crashed constantly Has since been patched and this problem solved but they made this problem open on youtube for everyone to exploit now when you pay top dollar you expect top service not a game full of American Cheats I bought there online live for a year to be online gaming I feel I have been exploited because i have payed for MicroSofts Mistakes The Refund System They have is Brutal they just don`t care who you are what you are or where you come from and Listen I am Older Than Donald Trump & have been gaming since the first world war If you get my point at least if its a disc you can trade the mess back but this lot its i have your money cya later you fool

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Bad Company with a Bad Reputation Not worth there Salt
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