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Ella's complaint against World Stores

Ella Collier


World Stores - failed to fulfil order and remain uncontactable

Complaint against World Stores

I ordered a bed frame, mattress, duvet and sheets from World Stores. The delivery was scheduled to arrive over a week ago, but only half of the order arrived (mattress and sheets). I had received no communication from World Stores to indicate that I wouldn't be getting the full delivery and why so I tried to contact the company in the following ways: - By calling the customer service line, where three times I sat on hold for between 20 and 40 minutes, only for the line to go completely dead - By filling the enquiry form on their website - to which I got an auto-response saying it would take five days for them to respond to me. Eight days later I still have not heard back - By trying to contact them on Twitter and Facebook, both times leaving my reference number. Both times I received no response - By calling their sales line, at which point I spoke to a very aggressive and rude sales person who said there was no way of helping and that I would just have to call the customer service line again Feeling incredibly frustrated at this point, I tried again to call the customer service line. After 40 minutes of being on hold, I finally managed to get through, at which point I was told the remaining items hadn't been received by the external delivery company. The customer service advisor told me she would call back with information about when my delivery would arrive by 9.30am the following day - but my that my delivery should arrive the following day (Friday). On Friday at 10.00am I still hadn't heard anything so called again. After being on hold for another 30 minutes, my call was answered and I was again told by the advisor that they would find out what was happening and call me back. Another two hours and I still hadn't heard anything so I called back again, sat on hold for 25 minutes and was then told that my delivery was due to arrive in the next two hours. It never arrived. On this call I also asked why I hadn't received any communication and the customer service advisor told me they were very busy and weren't able to send outgoing emails or make outgoing calls (?!). Having heard nothing over the weekend I called back on Monday morning (sat on hold for 25 minutes) and explained to the customer service advisor that the delivery either needed to arrive the next day, or I would need a refund as I couldn't take another day off work. He told me he would email me with the details, at which point I said that I'd been promised this multiple times and it never materialised. He promised to be in contact. Five minutes later I got an email from this advisor saying he would let me know when he found out what was happening and then I never heard back. The following day the delivery never arrived. I sat on the customer service line for 60 minutes before finally reaching an advisor who said that they would refund the items - I said I wanted some kind of other compensation for all the time lost, holiday days taken from work at which point the line went dead. That was two days ago and I haven't received a refund, confirmation of a refund or any other type of communication. I can't bring myself to sit on hold for another useless phonecall and have no idea how to go about resolving the issue. was told by the customer service advisor they Two hours later I still hadn't heard

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Susan Langridge | | VERIFIED

I have had a similar very unsettling experience with World Stores over the last 2 weeks - I have been trying to use their no quibble returns policy and I have been left with empty promises, hanging on the phone for 20 minutes plus then being cut off, abrupt non apologetic emails and emails being ignored. What does it take for World Stores to sit up and realise that there is a serious problem with their customer service or LACK OF IT????
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