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John's complaint against The Kitchen Depot

John Williamson


Unfinished Kitchen

Complaint against The Kitchen Depot

Dear Sir/Madam I am writing to you on this occasion to advise you of an unacceptable service your company has provided me. I visited the Kirkcaldy showroom last year and as a result, my wife and I booked a kitchen fit with your recommended installer. The deposit was paid and the kitchen ordered. The installation date was arranged for 15th January 2018 and would be completed by 19th January 2018. During the fitting, my wife and I were working at times and when I would return home (after 7pm) I would take a look at progress. All seemed to be going quite well. As tradesmen came and dealt with the amenities, I noticed things were not quite right. The kitchen sink waste was protruding quite far into fridge space and the cold water tap for isolating the washing machine was mounted centrally at the rear of its space. The isolation tap for the external hose and supply for the external garage was mounted behind the fridge space. I don’t know how I was expected to operate these after the appliances were sited. One of my cupboard doors was fitted the wrong way and the screws supplied for the handles were incorrect resulting in the handles being loose and falling off. The support rails for the worktop above the freezer were too large and the freezer was forced into the space resulting in damage to the appliance. One of the pull-out cupboard doors has damage where the screws from inside have broken through. Three of the four plinth boards have no clips fitted to them. There are small chips on the end worktop. The extractor fan was noisy (something was obstructing the fan) The L/H pull-out cupboard does not function correctly (gets half open then springs shut) Finish of splashback sockets not great. My kitchen is STILL not finished almost 3 months after it was started and nothing seems to be getting done (ridiculous) I will now inform you of my actions so far:- Fridge removed and plumbing redone to allow fridge to locate correctly to the rear. Washing machine removed and end panel extended by 10mm, electrical socket relocated, plumbing and waste redone to allow washing machine to locate correctly to the rear. Freezer removed and end support removed, cut correctly and refitted (rear support still requires done and electrical socket relocated) to allow freezer to locate correctly to the rear Chimney of extractor removed and connector box secured to back panel to prevent it dropping into the fan. Aluminium end cap for worktop purchased and trimmed to size for fitting to cover small chips. Plinth board below cooker manufactured by myself with a stainless steel vent and fitted with purchased securing clips. Clips purchased and will be fitted to the plinth boards which are deficient. Correct screws purchased and fitted to all handles (one handle screw threads had been stripped so I had to drill, tap and heli-coil it to allow it to be used) Perhaps I was expecting too much for a perfect job to be done. I have spent more time, money and effort in my kitchen than the recommended installer. I have been contacted over a week ago by the manager of the outlet informing me that the replacement pullout and door is there and he would inform the installer to contact me for fitting (which he has not) I feel I need to highlight the service your outlet provides to customers to a governing body to try and prevent these things happening again and perhaps recover some costs I have incurred in time, money and effort. I work as an engineer in full time employment and as such, all my own actions done in my so-called fully fitted kitchen have been done in my time off rather than relaxing with my family.

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John Williamson | | VERIFIED

STILL not resolved and now getting fed up of their false promises and lies.

John Williamson | | VERIFIED

STILL not finished and now emails and recorded delivery letters being ignored. Worst experience of our lives. Kitchen Depot and Humayun Saleem are a complete joke.
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