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Ricky's complaint against Carpetright

Ricky Monro


Absolute shambles!!!

Complaint against Carpetright

Appalling. I will never use CarpetRight ever again! The sales teams (Martin) was so friendly, but once I’ve arranged all the finance, the problems start. We got carpets for all upstairs and laminates for downstairs in a new build, which they went to measure. 3 weeks before hand, they arranged for 2 separate parties to come in separate days to fit them. Laminates problems first (yes, problem with both…) 3 days before the laminates guy was meant to come in to fit the downstairs, they said they made a mistake and it was the week after. Well.. we can’t, we are moving in. So they will arrange for someone else to come and fit it (I wasn’t aware, this was a big mistake at the time). Someone called Gavin Hynes [07751 460 797](if you get this person, reject him and ask for someone else) came and installed the downstairs floor. He comes in and started to tell me he can’t install it without removing all the facial from the door frames and he can’t put them under the shirt boards … but wait … when I ordered everything from CarpetRight they knew this was the arrangement and they came to measure it … He said he’ll ‘try’ (at this point I should have realise the unprofessionalism). I came back later and he had cut the facial from the door frames at about 6 inches high. WFT. He stick them back on after he had laid the floor. He is also a con because he had 3 pacts of unused laminates that he did not give to me, I saw it in the van. I went straight to CarpetRight to complaint but got nowhere. CarpetRight is saying this need to be resolved between me and the installer but WTF… you sent him. I continue to complaint to CarpetRight on this for over 2 months. First, I emailed them but no reply. I went to the store (Hermiston Gait, Edinburgh) and they said ok, we look into this. A week later after no reply I go back and they erased the email and have no record of this. Then they said the manager has just been replaced. Fine, new manager (Mhairi), waited and waited but nothing … called up again and again and just kept saying she was talking with her regional manager but got nowhere. This is still unresolved. The upstairs carpets. When we purchased the carpets the sales guy said it would be all one piece in the rooms. This room was about 4 metres in length so no problems as the carpet we picked was 5m. Once installed, I thought it was fine, all looking good. But after a day I notice there was a break in the carpet. I only found it because I could feel the glue underneath. Went to CarpetRight again to complaint. They acknowledge this was their problem and was willing to arrange to replace it. This took forever. I have to wait 2 months for them to get the same carpets back in. Finally, got a date in Jan 2019. My first installation date was Oct 2018. I had to remove everything in the room to allow installation … but wait the story doesn’t stop here. They call up in the morning of the installation and tell me something is wrong with the carpets, there’s a fault line. I had taken leave off work to ensure it was installed proper but I would need to wait again for another batch. The manager kept saying Monday, then Friday then Monday. So for 2 weeks I waited with all the furniture in the other rooms waiting for this carpet. Finally, they came 2 weeks after. I am amazed how such a big company would allow this.. the level of reputational damage. It a real shame CarpetRight is not in the Ombudmans scheme because I checked. It’s no wonder CarpetRight has a CVA, with this kind of staff. You might see this same post in 3 other locations as I have 3 emails sent to me to review CarpetRight. Best you consider other options If you’re even considering CarpetRight. Best of luck if you dare. Hope this helps anyone in the future.

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