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James's complaint against Andrex

James Wigram


Deterioration of Andrex Quilts Quality

Complaint against Andrex

The first thing I note about the complaints I have read about Andrex quality is that the company Kimberley Clark seem not have bothered to either acknowledge or comment..this to me speaks volumes... More importantly however is for me to agree with everything I have read from other users about the massive deterioration in especially the premium priced Quilts Product.. To be blunt, when cleaning oneself post defecation one takes for granted that a product which one has used for many years will continue to do its job effectively..the moreso given the latest claims about the product both through advertising and on-pack..THE LAST THING one expects to need to do is re-educate oneself in the art of wiping one's bottom !! putting aside poor sheet perforation and ragged edges the most notable thing has been the need to relearn the art of folding the this I mean exposing only the 'outer' side to said orifice, as if not and the inner matt side is swiped across it, the majority of the 'tissue' will tear and/or be left dangling from the orifice, not to mention one's fingers, necessitating the need to wash mid-wipe so to well as cleaning one's finger nails into the bargain.. in short.. The tissue has no strength produced badly and therefore cheaply from poor quality recycled content and is not worth embossing..which, thinking about it, probably weakens the tissue further.. Result the 9 roll pack which I bought in anticipation of increased luxury in that department, has been consigned to the dust bin.. Of course I will never learn if/when improvements have been made to the Quilts product as I shall never experience the reduced level of hygiene by ever buying the Product again..

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