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Joseph's complaint against Victorian Plumbing

Joseph Worrall


Sold a faulty bath, and Victorian Plumbing are rufusing to compensate for repairs and damage caused

Complaint against Victorian Plumbing

I bought a bath from Victorian Plumbing. After two weeks use we noticed a wet patch in the ceiling downstairs. Upon inspection it became clear the bath was leaking water. The water wasn't coming the the plug or seals, it was physical dripping through the bath itself. I called Victorian plumbing and sent them a video to show what was happening. They said they would send me a new bath, and as compensation for the damage, they would give me £50 compensation. I explained to them that I was grateful for the bath which they would send to me, however £50 is nowhere near enough to resolve this issue. I now need to pay tradesmen to come and take the old bath out, and then put a new bath in, as well as repair the ceiling downstairs. I explained this, and was told they would give me another £23 on top of the £50 they have already offered. I have been quoted over £400 to get this work rectified and I feel that Victorian Plumbing should be made to pay for this.

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