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Ann's complaint against Victorian Plumbing

Ann Patrick


Two baths none in my bathroom

Complaint against Victorian Plumbing

I ordered on line, first bath was the wrong one they exchanged it for one that was damaged ,so they exchanged that without uplifting the second one the third one is damaged so I now have two baths in my house one in my dining room and one in my kitchen phoning them is a nightmare you wait 20 mins for a child to answer when I explained I was holding up my plumber they just kept saying there policy was not to get a plumber till you were sure OMG we are 3 baths later so I am living in a house with a toilet with the old toilet and cistern no bath no tiles no flooring so in affect I'm holding up a joiner a tiler and a plumber today they have said the courier can't pick up my bath and panels that I'm returning today but they can send me a payment of £160.00 +30 for my trouble I have already argued that a bath (that I have been forced to order from B&Q was £285.00 at first I said take the bath panel side panel and shower screen ,course by then I was round the twist but my plumber said to keep the shower screen so the person I was dealing with has had to delay me twice because he can't make a decision without having a meeting with his manager ,are you keeping up with this so I have had two baths in my house since last Thursday ,this is Wednesday of the next week how long am I going to have them

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