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eugenio's complaint against Furniture 123

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Complaint against Furniture 123

I bought a folding bed and a metal bedframe online from Furniture123 website on May 28th. This was the first time and I was a bit concerned about some bad reviews I found on the web. However, as the price was slightly less then others (for the same identical items) I decided to buy the furniture I wanted from them and save few pounds. With relatives coming I needed and extra bed soon, so instead of the free “Standard” I opted for the “Next day/Choose a day” delivery. For some obscure reasons the courier (FedEx) showed up on Wednesday 30th without contacting me. It was week day and as usual I was at the office…working (some people still does for a living). The driver left a card with tracking number and instructions on how to arrange for a re-delivery using their website. I did so and immediately get a confirmation email and SMS from FedEx. Totally ignoring their own email FedEx decided to attempt the delivery again on Thursday 31th and left (again!) a card. My home is in a very nice neighbourhood and I thought that the driver enjoyed the view so much that he decided to return on Thursday, even if I requested the delivery for Friday instead. Nonetheless, I contacted FedEx to confirm if delivery was still as scheduled. A very kind lady answered to my call assuring that I would have received the item next day as per confirmation email. On Friday morning, eager to get the folding bed for my guest on time, I decided to call FedEx again. This time a very unhelpful lady informed that there was no delivery scheduled to my address. I explained to her that I did have a confirmation email and SMS and even called the day before and received assurance by them on the delivery dat. She then put me on hold and eventually confirmed that the delivery was recorded on “one of their system but not on the other”. While reflecting on the significance of her explanation I realised that FedEX is indeed an American and not a British company! It makes sense to have two systems, one for British and one for American English!!! As Sir Roger Moore said to Tony Curtis in The Persuaders: “English and American…two people separated by a common language….”. It was still morning in Kent (although still night in US) so I kindly asked if by any chance it would have been possible to deliver as scheduled on that day. The lady replied that she didn’t know if the item was out for delivery or not and unable to contact the driver. I then contacted Furniture 123, in the vain attempt to overcome the language barrier. I naively thought that as they were FedEx’s customer they could certainly force them to deliver the item as scheduled. Some 20 minutes later (and £10 charged to my phone account for the call) I managed to have Furniture123 Customer Service Team to “assist. The result of the 20 minutes long/£10 worth call was an email from Furniture123 Customer Service Team informing that they have been advised from FedEx that the item was “carded” (American English I guess!?!) on the 30th and providing me with a tracking number and FedEx’s telephone number. No need to say that I had already both as they were written on the FedEx’s card…..card? Of course: CARD!! Now I understand where the “CARDED” thing in the email comes from! At this point my blood pressure was raising, as I was realising that my effort to save few pounds purchasing items from Furniture123 was instead turning into much more spending and time wasting. With surprise FedEx’s driver eventually arrived. Unfortunately, I had to refuse the bed as the box was open and it looked to me as an ex display more than a brand-new bed. While explaining this to FedEx gentleman driver he kindly pointed out that if the box was open was entirely my fault, because he had to attempt the delivery already twice!?!? No comment on this one… For the record the second item (the metal bedframe) was never delivered. This time, unlike FedEx, another courier called me before to arrange for a delivery date (it was Panther this time…UK company…I think). Unfortunately, another terrible experience with their phone call, confirmation email and SMS turned into a “missed delivery”. Ironically, the very day of the “missed delivery” I received an email from Furniture123 asking if I was happy of the bed frame and if I would recommend to other customers… Eventually I gave up, I cancelled the order and asked for a refund. It is now 9 days since I ordered the furniture and counting…. Today Wednesday 6th an email from Furniture123 confirmed that my order has been cancelled and advised that I must “allow 7-10 working days for the items to arrive back and a further 3-5 working days for the refunds to be processed”. Considering the very bad service I would have expected some form of apology and a quick refund. I am very confident I will have my money back…one day… after all I am an incurable optimist when it comes to refund…and furniture delivery… (maybe not all, I am expecting charges for return the items to Furniture123…sigh!) P.S.: Moral of the story: Forget about saving few pounds and if you really see items on Furniture123 you really want, be prepared and…buy and American-English dictionary

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