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Sophie's complaint against Furniture 123

Sophie Keeley


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Complaint against Furniture 123

I ordered a very expensive for other set on 20th November. I had a delivery date of today (02/12/16) on the confirmation email and the company happily took my money. I have had no emails or communication since, just an email to inform me that the delivery driver will text or call 30 mins before arriving. I called Furniture 123 to ask if they could see where the driver was as I am pregnant and very poorly so I have been needing to leave the house today, but unable to until the big order arrived. I have arranged help from friends to do any lifting for when the big pieces of furniture arrives. The lady on the phone took my order number , and then told me one of the pieces of furniture in the set isn't even in stock! Then told me that the order hasn't even been released yet. I informed her that I wanted to be compensated for something as I have had no emails, no calls and nothing to tell me any of the information she was telling me. I have sat inside waiting all day, taken a day off work and not gone to the doctors and he order was never going to come today!! I am very shocked at the poor communication from the company . They have had plenty of time to inform me that it's not in stock, so therefore won't be delivering any of the furniture set?! I have recommended this company to a few of my friends but definately will be doing the opposite after today!!! The company were happy to take a lot of money from me, but not inform me that my order wasn't even in stock or being delivered? Not acceptable!!

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