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Joe's complaint against Gameloft

Joe Neves


Gameloft lack of customer care, online bullying, lies and manipulation of your gaming files

Complaint against Gameloft

I have been playing Gameloft Asphalt Xtreme, Asphalt 8 and Asphalt 9 Legends. The issue is that since I am playing asphalt 9 legends at some point of my career I started to notice issues with my gameplay and possibly player file. Exchanged thousands of e-mail's with customer care and their replies were always a nonsense or let me say ... lies. Having a very good internet, a good laptop for gaming and a lot of skills for driving games aquired over the years including real online championships with real big prizes ex: world championship on Collin McRae years ago, I can not take Gameloft lies ... one day they say check your internet, another day, uninstall and re-install the game, latelly they told me about algorithms and other excuses just to get away with it, ... but ... all lies !!! Racing online on multiplayer you can see out of the blue looks like someone is manipulating your car, cars flying like birds, crashing for no raeson and loosing points like running water !!! Can you believe this? 20 multiplayer races, last on all of them and almost 300 points lost on ranks jut because what I posted above. More, disconnection from Gameloft servers, late start of races when everyone is already miles away ?? Not a good laugh for sure !!! Most importantly is no matter what you tell Gameloft no ones there cares and ... let me say ... I called them online bullies to which they replied, sorry, we don't want to get you upset and our technical team is working on the issues, ... never !!! Plus, they have a Gameloft team / club on Asphalt 9 Legends and they play the game as well, ... good maybe to know how the game behaves or see by themselves the issues people complainy about, ... the truth is ... they look like a gang of bullies believe you me. People should enjoy and have fun with games, relax, interact with friends and family but they way Gameloft behaves they just give you stress, unhappiness and anger as they - Gameloft - do not care at all. I think that authorities should investigate this company and their platforms, also go through all the complaints and make them to change things or close them down as the market and the public don't need this kind of companies around !!! Please surf the net and find a lot, lot of compalints about this company and stop playing and investing money on their products for your own good.

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