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Keith's complaint against PayPal

Keith Wilton


I was allowed to be scammed by Pay pal with no apology or anything

Complaint against PayPal

I have been with Paypal with some years and have only had and used one address in all that time. Someone used my name and a completely different address and scammed my account to the sum of nearly £400! I had o find this and alert Paypal, ebay my bank and credit card company. I did get my money back but it was a struggle. This was through no fault of my own and I have had the problems with no pay pal account,no ebay account and new credit cards. Not an apology from paypal or compensation for the loss of time with my money or the inconvenience this has caused apart from the stress caused by Paypal. I have emailed before and not a single reply! A secure way to pay???? I don't think so!!!

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