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christopher's complaint against PayPal

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Complaint against PayPal

ok well i was selling xbox live gold on ebay a few days ago at £30 each i sold about a 11 of this in a day sent the codes to the buyers the the next day i was getting all the buyers saying there paypal account have been hacked and that they did not buy any think so now paypal have taking all the money back and now put me in debt and there not helping me one bit they do not care about me getting scammed im getting at least 2 clams a day saying there paypal account have been hacked now if they have this many account hacked how many more is there ? i know the buyer will get there money back but what about me thay are just putting me in debt with there self as long as paypal get there money thay do not care i want paypal to tell every one how many accounts are hacked in the uk

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