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Disgusting behaviour of staff

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On Friday fathers day weekend, I went into Carlton Lanes in Castleford, card factory shop, I was looking at the fathers day display cards, where a few of the staff had gather and where talking about a other member of staff, the staff member is a lady who usually works Sundays for the shop, and how one of the staff was putting her down, that she is this and that and how she always up mangers backside and gets on her nerves, the lady that was putting her down has dark hair long tail, she was behaving like a 5year old, when I and my friend got to the tills, someone shouted for the Sunday lady to jump on and help, the dark haired pony tail lady said, why is she back on tills for, looked at her like she was mud on her feet, the Sunday lady must of heard, as her face looked upset, but she just put a smile on her face and got on the tills and started talking with the customers, the Sunday lady served me and I told her I was putting in a complaint has i wasn't happy with what I heard the other staff was talking about her, all she said was okay, the Sunday lady is a very pleasant person, always asking customers if they need help and always has a minute to talk to you, you need more staff like her, to be mean and avoid talking to her is disgusting behavior, this needs reporting to the manager of the shop, I'm surprised the Sunday lady is still working for the shop,

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