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June's complaint against Card Factory

June Weldon


Staff rudeness

Complaint against Card Factory

Don’t know if it’s worth complaining as it seems card factory don’t reply , but here goes , I went to gracechurch Sutton Coldfield store Birmingham today walked in a 3.45 on 5th November (Sunday) I just started to look at cards when a girl come through s door at the back of the shop shouting at the top of her loud voice , “make your way to the till” , I took no notice I couldn’t see her just hear, and it was a good 15 minuted before closing time , she then bellows from the till “exscuse me we are closed” I said I’ve only just walked in the door was not locked , she said yes it was , if it was locked I said how did I get in , and does the shop close at 3.45 , I told her she was very rude the way she shouts at customers , she then told me with a smug smile on her face , your welcome , hence I didn’t get the card I went elsewhere to buy as she was just bellowing at me the whole time , very intimidating, I will never shop there again that girl should be fired , I’m sure if you investigate you will find out who she is , she is the only one with a big mouth , not very good for your company

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