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Amanda's complaint against Card Factory

Amanda Irvine


Under staffed and unhelpful

Complaint against Card Factory

On the 1st of September I rush to card factory in Scarborough north Yorkshire as soon as I finished work to get my daughter a birthday balloon I made it to the shop for 5.20 so 10 mins to spare before closing after getting to till with the helium balloon and other items the lady told me the price I asked for the balloon blown up to be told that it is not possible I asked how come as shop is still open for 10 mins explained at it was my daughter's birthday today and I have rushed down from work which is 20mins out my way is there possibly any way to get it she replayed with she can't as there's only her there and she can't leave the shop floor at this point I said ok I'l leave it all and left to be honest feeling terrible as it's hard anoth working on my little girls birthday and all she wanted was a big balloon I went into the shop the night before at the same time to get card and saw another lady buying balloon so I thought I'l get mine tomorrow so daughter doesn't see it, surly there should be 2 staff at least so people get get ballons blown up that or a sign saying that after a set time you can not have helium ballons to be completely honest I feel very let down by store and will know longer be buying from there

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