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Still no refund

Complaint against Biuky

After my items still weren't shipped I contacted them for an ETA; they told me within 24/72 hours my items would be shipped. I thought bit strange, don't hear anything for weeks and when I contact them out of nowhere my items are shipped within 24/72 hours. I thought let's give them the benefit of the doubt and consider it a was not, as after those 72 hours still nothing was shipped and didn't hear anything from them either, so I got back in touch again and once again got the same answer; it will be shipped within 24/72 hours...and once again this did not happen. Horrible service and bunch of liars, so I asked for a refund. Then they decided to ship my items, which I didn't want anymore, as already bought them somewhere else in the meantime assuming they would never arrive after all those promises they didn't keep, so I sent them back. Still haven't received my refund. I will continue to contact them in all kind of ways till I have my refund and as soon as I receive this, delete my account as I never want anything to do with this company again!

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