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Jake's complaint against Sainsbury's

Jake Bruce


Incorrect prices

Complaint against Sainsbury\u0027s

On the 22/10/16 (yesterday) around 7:20pm a fellow customer and I had carefully chose, picked out and carried 4 heavy pumpkins to the self checkout section. Once we made it through the struggle of scanning each pumpkin we came across the prices of the pumpkins which were £3 each opposed to the 'managers special £2 pumpkins'. After coming across this price, we approached one of the members of staff and explained that there was a sign that was clearly labelling the pumpkins as £2. She said to me that I had misunderstood the price and that they were marked as £3 each. I accepted the result, but on the way out we spotted the members of staff taking the 'managers special £2 pumpkin' sign off and moving it to another box. We were both furious with this, as we were told that we were wrong, but they clearly knew that they were the ones that were wrong otherwise they wouldn't have moved the prices that were clearly marked on the pumpkins we had bought. We both felt humiliated and embarrassed, then to come across this built up our frustration! This has changed our opinion greatly on Sainsbury's and they will be seeing much less of us in the future if this matter is not resolved.

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