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Pat's complaint against Sainsbury's

Pat Smith


Restaurant in Derby Kingsway

Complaint against Sainsbury\u0027s

Found the restaurant to be lacking in Christmas spirit , no decorations, not even a Christmas carol being played, the area itself was drab, not inviting, lacked warmth , this is being compared to Sainsbury at Swadlincote , and Burton no Trent which are far more friendly. There was no complaints against the staff they were very polite . Felt that the restaurant itself had been just erected at the side of the main shop itself as an after thought Sorry this is one restaurant that we will not be supporting in the future preferring to use Swadlincte and Burton on trent PS As an after thought it was that quiet you could have heard a pin drop, this in itself makes people whisper to each other afraid that other people could hear their conversations Thinking about it more the place lacks any atmosphere

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