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Nishma's complaint against Sainsbury's

Nishma O'Shaughnessy


Rude staff member

Complaint against Sainsbury\u0027s

I was paying for groceries at the till when my 22 month old daughter started having a tantrum because she wanted chocolate. The lady working on the till told me that I shouldn't give her any if she's crying. I said that it was ok and could she just scan the chocolate so that I could give it to her. My daughter was still crying at this point and it was getting quite loud. The lady then asked if I was her mother. When I said yes she responded with, "you know it's all your fault that she acts like this, it's all down to you" I just laughed (out of awkwardness more than anything) and told her that I agreed that it probably was my fault. The lady then told me that if her son acted the way my daughter was acting she'd give him a good whack (she did the action with her hand of her slapping someone) she continued with, "you should hit her, it will do her good. I've spoken to social services and they said it's fine to hit your children. One good slap is like medicine to them" All this time she was talking very loudly and in a very serious, angry tone. I found it quite embarrassing because I knew everyone could hear. I told her that I don't smack my daughter and she carried on telling me I should. My daughter was still crying and the lady turned to her and in a really stern voice said " You're very aggressive aren't you, you're a really naughty girl!" I was really shocked and didn't react. I paid for my shopping and left. The day after this incident I decided to complain to Sainsbury's because i wanted an apology and I didn't want the lady to speak to anyone else the way she spoke to me. I spoke to a really nice lady at customer services who took my details and a full account of what happened. She told me that she would call me back and let me know what would happen next. 2 weeks passed and I heard nothing. I called them back and spoke to a man who couldn't find my complaint as it hadn't been logged. I had to go through it all again and he told me under no uncertain terms that he'd call me back in ten minutes but he never did. For some reason my complaint isn't being taken seriously by anyone at customer services and I'm pretty horrified because it is a very serious complaint. I hope you can help

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