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Carla's complaint against JD Williams

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Absolute joke

Complaint against JD Williams

Absolutely shocking customer service and communication, I would not recommend this company! After ordering a fridge freezer and been asked to pick my delivery slot I waited in for my delivery. I tried to track this online to no avail so I called to get an ETA I was told between 4pm and 7pm... great. I removed my old appliance to make room for new and waited and waited. 7.30pm and of course your office is shut so back to the online tracker. This say my delivery was attempted at 10am. Not the case I was home, my CCTV shows no delivery and I had no calls to or missed delivery card. Fast forward to the next morning I called product care who were in charge of my delivery to be told my item was never out for delivery and was in fact out of stock at the manufacturers and the gentleman that I spoke to the day before should have made me aware. The young lady also told me I had missed a call the day before my delivery was due alerting me of the matter. I have no missed calls or voicemails we live in the 21st century lies such as these don't really work anymore, you also have my email address could you not get me via phone this is also a way of communication in this high tech world. I them spoke to jdwilliams direct who confirmed the item is out of stock and a manager would get back to me. I spoke with the manager who is unable to swap my product for a similar item and advised me the item is not out of stock and will be delivered within the week. He is unable to tell me why it was not delivered or why I'm been advised it's out of stock. I'm struggling to have faith my item will be delivered as promised and quite frankly will never order from here again. It has not only inconvenienced me massively but proven costly as I now have to replace all the food that I'm unable to store. And have to shop day to with 3 very young children and it's still the school holidays and parent will know how difficult this makes the simplest of tasks...

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