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Amy Dunn


Con artist, all of them.

Complaint against

THEY ARE CON ARTIST, BEWARE: I would give them 0 stars if that was an option. Their add they have on amazon is VERY deceiving and misleading of what you are buying, I purchased what i thought was a mini mouse crib bed set and was sent a extremely over priced crib diaper bag. I never would pay almost $100.00 for a diaper bag to hang on the side of a crib especially when I can buy the SAME bag in the store for less then HALF of what they are charging. So I contacted them directly to try and resolve the issue/confusion in their add and when they were unwilling to issue me a refund I then opened a claim against them on Amazon, they then were very eager to issue me a refund ONLY IF I cancelled the claim against them right away as it hurts their "sellers score" on amazon per Liz's email. So I contacted amazon and told them to withdraw my claim as they stated they would refund me immediately after I cancelled the claim against them. Liz told me I had to pay for my return shipping and a re-stalking fee. I have never had to pay for my own return shipping but I did and a re-stocking fee I though was very reasonable. So I sent it back regular mail just as Liz had asked me to in the email that I still have from her. Once all said and done and the item was shipped back I waited nearly 3 weeks and still no refund. I then contact Liz again and and told her the claim was cancelled and the item was sent back weeks ago and I have still not received my refund. She then asked me for a tracking #, she was already aware I didn't pay extra for a tracking number as I was told to send it back regular mail as that would be just fine, I just needed make sure the return # was written on the outside of the package as stated by Liz which I did, I big black permanent marker. Liz then stated she needed the tracking # in order to issue my refund. So I once again opened a claim against them, this time amazon denied my refund since I did not have a tracking number for my return shipment. I am 100% positive Liz knew that would be the outcome of sending it back via regular mail, so they now have BOTH the Item I paid almost $90.00 for AND my money. Liz said since I didn't have a tracking number amazon said they didn't have to refund me so they were now not going to honor what she had told me at least 5 times in different emails. I know for sure Liz KNEW that would happen that's why she told me to send it back the way she did that was her plan all along, she is a con artist and i'm NOT the first person they have done this too. They are all con artist especially Liz. I have multiple emails from Liz begging and pleading for me to cancel my claim and the will issue a refund immediately. Well that NEVER HAPPENED. They are lairs, con artist, and thieves of peoples hard earned money. I just seen more reviews on there amazon account. They do this often to people... Live and learn on my part, make sure to FULLY read what I am buying and always get a tracking number if I am required to pay for my return shipping. Live and learn..

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