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How to delete your Wowcher account and stop spam emails

Fred Isaac

Fred Isaac
Nov 9, 2016

After buying a close friend of mine a birthday present from Wowcher, I was bombarded by marketing emails from the deals site.

My inbox was under siege from offers on lottery tickets, hair extensions and even Christmas lights.

I hit ‘unsubscribe’ on every email but they kept coming (I’ll never scrimp on a friend’s present again).


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A quick Twitter search shows that I’m not alone in finding Wowcher’s spam hard to stomach:


But when I logged into Wowcher, I couldn’t find an option to delete my account.

So how do you stop the emails?


How to stop Wowcher’s emails and delete your account

The best solution seems to be to ring Wowcher on 0203 699 5024.

Ignore the requests for an order reference number and demand to speak to an operator.

Explain that you have tried to unsubscribe and that you are still receiving emails.

Ask them to get the IT department to put a block on daily emails and, if you want them to, delete your account; make sure you get email confirmation that this has been done.

Follow this up with a direct Tweet to Wowcher’s twitter handle, asking them to Direct Message you to confirm you have been removed from the system.

Hitting the unsubscribe button risks inviting more emails from Wowcher and its affiliates because it flags your email address as ‘live’.

You might be better off marking them as spam or junk.

We also recommend the free tool Unrollme, which shows you which companies you’re signed up to and helps you unsubscribe from them.

Have you had difficulty unsubscribing from another company’s mailing list?

Share your story here.

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