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Kopparberg issues recall after wine bottles explode

Robin Bowman

Robin Bowman
Oct 17, 2016

Swedish cider maker Kopparberg has recalled its new sparkling rosé wine after bottles exploded.

The product has been cleared from Asda’s shelves and the store is now letting people know they should return any bottles of the wine for a refund.

But it would not reveal the reason – they would only say there has been an “issue with the glass”. 

And Kopparberg has not issued any statement. 

We tried several times to call their UK HQ, but the phone just went to a recorded message saying the mailbox is full.

But Kopparberg customers have already taken to social media to warn others and complain.

Customer Leanne Wayte posted on A Spokesman Said: "Brought a bottle of the new Kopperburg sparkling Rosé strawberry from Asda - at only at 11 pm last night it exploded! It's just completely snapped and smashed the bottom, ruined trainers, flip flops along with other stuff and now it stinks!"

Leanne sent in pictures showing the shattered bottle:

Sarah Marshall, from Bolton, posted on Facebook about her experience with an exploding bottle.

Sarah later told us: "I bought it from Asda. I had it in an Asda bag, I had put in on the floor, it was on the floor for about 10 minutes and then it just smashed and went everywhere. 

“I thought I had knocked the bag, and it maybe hit a stone or something, but my friend who I was with said I hadn't. 

“We thought the cork must have popped out somehow, but when we looked it was the bottom of the bottle that had smashed and the cork was still in.

"It made a really loud pop like noise, like a balloon. I've still got one of the bottles in my fridge but I'm not sure whether I can drink it or not. I think it will be binned.”

Another customer, Lucy Sopp, uploaded a picture of her bottle after it exploded:

The new rosé wine is a departure for the manufacturer, which has made its name with flavoured ciders.

The wine comes in strawberry and raspberry flavour and it’s understood both are affected by the recall.

If you've bought a Kopparberg bottle that's exploded, share your story on A Spokesman Said


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