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Ed Sheeran tickets sold for huge mark ups by Viagogo after website ‘glitch’

Robin Bowman

Robin Bowman
Feb 6, 2017

Customers buying tickets for hugely popular Ed Sheeran concerts in April have been charged huge additional fees by Viagogo, which they only discover after they’ve been billed.

The fans – charged fees of up to £300 – weren’t told about the fees when they booked tickets.

And one customer, 21-year-old Charlotte Duckworth from Littleborough near Rochdale, was stunned to receive a bill for £1,300.

She says pop ups on the Viagogo site constantly came up on her screen as she tried to book and a tracker showed how many people were buying tickets, increasing the pressure on her to buy quickly.

"It came up with a total of £377 and I thought that was for all three tickets," she told BBC’s Newsbeat.

But that was for each ticket, plus there was a booking fee on top of €325.56, as well as a delivery fee and VAT, turning the cost of three €377.10 tickets from €1,1312.30 into €1548.17.

A Spokesman Said has also received a number of complaints from fans stunned to receive far bigger bills than they had expected.

Viagogo says a mistake on its website meant that final bills were not displayed properly and has promised to refund all affected customers.

We suggest anyone buying ANY ticket from the site should check the total shown online with what their credit card is charged in case the mistake affected other ticket sales beyond the Ed Sheeran concerts.


How to get your money back from Viagogo

Meanwhile, if you’ve been hit by an unexpectedly high credit card bill, gather together the transaction notice from Viagogo and your credit card statement and contact [email protected].

If you don’t get a reasonable response, then get in touch with your credit card provider a they have a duty to fight your corner.

Also get in touch with us here at A Spokesman Said


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