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'Why is money coming out of my bank account?' - Currys PC World's product support woes

Nic McBride

Nic McBride
Nov 14, 2017

Unsuspecting customers of Currys PC World are losing hundreds of pounds without even realising.

Customers across the UK are being billed for product support - unaware their bank account is being charged each month.

Currys says customers are made aware of the charges – yet there are more than 1,700 complaints on A Spokesman Said, most of which are about product support.


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In October alone, A Spokesman Said received more than 130 complaints about the "product support AG" as it appears on people's bank accounts.

Fees are deducted each month and can range from £2.99, £5, £8.50, while some have even been charged £30.

A Spokesman Said raised this issue with Currys earlier this year, but it appears people are still being charged for something they don't want.


"Taken without my permission"

Louise Smyth purchased a laptop at Christmas 2016 and recently realised she had been charged £7 each month ever since.

"I only realised when I was checking through a credit card statement, it just said AG support and I had no idea what it was from until I googled it.

Louise claims she turned down the support when she made her purchase at the Currys store in Sprucefield, outside Belfast.

"It has been taken without my permission, especially as I clearly had told the sales assistant that I didn’t want it."


What is product support AG?

The fees are for support that covers purchased items, a laptop or television, for example, when they break and need repair.

However, hundreds of customers, just like Louise, have no idea they have been signed up to this until they notice money taken from their account when they check a bank statement.


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"I won't be buying anything from Currys PC world again"

Jennie Mulliner bought a laptop from the store on Mile End road in London in March 2016.

She estimated she had lost more than £160 to the product support AG charges.

"Initially I thought it was for our AEG washer dryer, so didn't pay too much attention. It has been a busy year having had a baby and going back to work.

"An £8.50 payment didn't flag up high on the priority list. It was only recently that I looked into it more, and managed to link it back to Currys PC World."

She was given one year's free knowhow cloud account, as well as a month's free product support. After that the charges kicked back in.

"They are of course hoping that you forget to cancel. Which I am sure a lot of people do."

She had never even used the support.

"It makes me really angry - partly with myself for being so stupid to sign up for such a scheme in the first place, and then not forgetting to cancel.

"But mainly with Currys PC World at using such tactics, they should be transparent about the fact you have signed up to a product support agreement.

"I won't be buying anything from Currys PC world again. The trust has been broken."


What can I do to stop product support AG charges?

Make a complaint about Currys PC World via A Spokesman Said.

Currys responds to complaints made on our page, and will be able to help you stop the payments.


Currys PC World responds to product support AG:

A Currys PC World spokesperson said they were "disappointed to hear about any customer who is unhappy with our services".

"We respond to all customer complaints via A Spokesman Said to ensure we reach a resolution."

The care plan is offered to customers at the point of sale as an option for "peace of mind" to protect their product should it break down, in which case we will fix it or offer a replacement.

Currys maintained the support was still "completely optional" and that customers must agree to it, and provide their direct debit details to activate the service.

A Spokesman Said's advice is that if you are purchasing anything from Currys and don't want this support then make it absolutely clear to the staff.

Check your bank account and receipts if you have any doubts.

Don't get caught out.