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Victory! Here’s how A Spokesman Said stood up for customers in 2017

Nic McBride

Nic McBride
Dec 20, 2017

Every year A Spokesman Said fights on behalf of ordinary people who have fallen victim to unfair treatment from companies, and 2017 was no exception.

Incorrect energy bills, holidays from hell, and terrible internet connections were all too common this year.


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But some people weren’t going to just roll over, so they came to A Spokesman Said and we were able to get their problems sorted.

Here’s a roundup of some of our best success stories from the year:


Melissa Evans and her partner Phil Jones called A Spokesman Said their “knight in shining armour” after we saved them from a massive Npower bill.

The energy supplier had been hounding the couple, from Chesterton, Staffordshire, with solicitor’s letters for a £500 debt - even though they were on a repayment plan and had paid back over £300 already.

A Spokesman Said stepped in and Npower apologised, corrected the debt and called off the solicitors.

"Thanks to the hard work of the lovely people at A Spokesman Said, my partner and I can finally rest easy after such a long while of harassment and stress caused by Npower.

“You are my knights in shining armour. It’s really put my mind at ease and I can’t thank you enough.


After Terry Lee and Michelle Earey’s honeymoon was ruined by a disgusting hotel, we were able to earn them a refund.

Terry Lee and Michelle Earey paid £1,300 for an all-inclusive, week-long stay the Grand Sirenis Resort in Mexico to celebrate their wedding.

The trip was ruined when they discovered their room had cockroaches, flooding, unfinished fittings and the overall poor service.

A Spokesman Said stood up for the couple, who were given a cheque for £463 – enough to cover the cost of accommodation at the hotel.

“A Spokesman Said helped us get a refund from First Choice, they do some great work and I can't recommend them enough if you need help getting compensation from a company and you are not getting anywhere."


David Meadows, from Westbury, was facing a £240 exit fee from Virgin when he was moving house.

David wanted to transfer his family’s TV and broadband package to a new address.

Virgin said they couldn't provide a service at the new address so he would have to pay a £240 cancellation fee.

After we contacted Virgin Media, they decided to drop the exit fee.

“I’m delighted – thanks so much,” he told us.

“Charging people in this way is just unfair. No-one told me this was in the contract when we signed up. And it wasn’t as if I wanted to cancel!"


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Rachael Inchley and her husband Paul were refunded £600 after the hotel they booked wasn’t even open.

The pair paid £1,490 to take their children on holiday to Malta as part of a package with Loveholidays.

Rachael found out the hotel they had been booked into was actually closed and they would have been left stranded.

She cancelled the trip, but Loveholidays only gave her a part refund - so A Spokesman Said came to the rescue.

Within days the travel agent handed over the £600 and apologised for the inconvenience.

A delighted Rachael said: “Thank you for listening to me and for being willing to fight them. I didn't expect it and it was greatly appreciated."


Jane Roberts got stuck in a battle with telecoms giant BT after it bill her for a broadband connection that it never actually hooked up.

Jane, from Stowupland in Suffolk, waited a month for her £39.99 BT broadband package to come on stream.

BT kept telling her it would happen, but it never did.

It then charged her £80 for cancelling the contract and a further £41.45 for rental of a phone line that she no longer even had!

A Spokesman Said went in to bat for her and got all charges waived.

“I really can’t thank A Spokesman Said enough. What a fantastic result and so quick. Absolutely brilliant!”


Npower were demanding that Harvey Duke, from Essex, pay a £2,312 energy bill.

Harvey received the massive bill for a house he had moved out of months ago.

We spoke to Npower and asked them to double-check their figures. Soon after, they got in touch with Harvey and said there had been a mistake and they completely wiped the bill.

He was glad to have A Spokesman Said in his corner.

“I really appreciate it, it obviously made someone sit up in their chair, which is amazing.”


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Adrian Hickey, from Herefordshire, was getting half the speed he was supposed to on his BT broadband connection.

When he complained to BT, they fobbed him off.

"Nobody got in touch, so I called again, they said they would call back – but no one called back."

After A Spokesman Said stepped in, BT got their act together. 

"Thanks for your help with this - the change in response was quite striking after I contacted your website!" Adrian said.


Green Star Energy wanted to charge Roz Danter for cancelling her plan, even though she was still in the 14-day protected period.

Roz, from Hertfordshire, changed her mind about switching, but was billed for a first payment of £57 then left in the dark about whether her supply would be returned to her former supplier E.ON.

“They messed me around right from the beginning,” Roz said.

A Spokesman Said told Green Star Energy to fix the problem and it refunded her and transferred her back to E.ON.

“If you hadn’t gotten onto them, I don’t think anything would have happened. I’d still be waiting to find out where I stood and waiting for my money."