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Christmas miracle: Woman reunited with lost tape of dead mum

Nic McBride

Nic McBride
Dec 24, 2017

In a Christmas miracle, a woman has been reunited with a video of her dead mum that she thought she'd lost forever. 

Kathryn Hill (pictured middle, with her mum, front) wanted to covert the tape to a DVD as a Christmas present for her dad. 

She took the video to Photo Me at the Grangemouth ASDA store, in Falkrik, Scotland, on 25 November to get it converted.

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She was told it would take seven to ten days to get the video converted - but when she went to the store it had permanently shut down. 

"This video is the only one we have from when me and my brother William were young. It was of his fifth birthday party," Kathryn told A Spokesman Said. 

"It has a huge sentimental value now my mum is not here and I've been beside myself thinking we aren't going to get to see it again." 


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The video was recorded in 1990 when Kathryn was only 3-years-old.

She phoned Photo Me's customer service several times but they did not offer any help in tracking down the lost video. 

Kathryn then contacted Photo Me International but it claimed no responsibility for the issue either, she said. 

She asked at her local ASDA store but it had received no mail from the company since it closed. 


A Spokesman Said helps out

Fearing she'd never see the video again, Kathryn, now 30, came to A Spokesman Said. 

After A Spokesman Said began making enquiries, Kathryn said she heard back from Photo Me. 

"They have had orders redirected to the head office and are working through them to try and get back to their owners," Kathryn told us. 

And, just days before Christmas, Kathryn said the video had been returned.

"I received the video and the three dvds today. What a relief. Thanks for your help with this."

We love a happy ending.