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Currys PC World and Shpock among most complained about companies of 2017

Nic McBride

Nic McBride
Dec 29, 2017

The people have spoken: Currys PC World, Shpock, and Viagogo are among the top of A Spokesman Said's most complained about companies for 2017. 

This year we received thousands of complaints for hundreds of different companies across the UK, but there were a certain few that stuck out more than the rest.


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So, we put together a list of the top 7 companies that left customers frustrated in 2017.

While we hope all these companies step up their game in 2018 - we thought we’d warn you what to look out for just in case:


7. National Holidays

Going on holiday is supposed to be relaxing, but for 163 National Holidays customers, it was anything but.

From surly bus drivers, sloppy meals, hours of delays, to breakdowns, and horrible hotels: National Holidays customers were let down on multiple fronts.

One passenger had their holiday ruined after they were not allowed to get on the bus for an hour, despite being stuck in the rain and cold.


6. Xercise4Less

Is your New Year's resolution to join a gym?

Well, make sure you know how to cancel your membership, otherwise you will be like 170 customers who complained about Xercise4Less. 

The most common complaint actually had nothing to do with using the gym – instead it was about how impossible it was to cancel.

One woman spent five months trying to cancel her membership, and ended up getting charged even though she couldn't actually use the gym anymore.

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5. Shpock

The boot sale app got the boot from 176 customers who complained about issues trying to buy and sell their wares. 

Most complaints were from people who had been locked out of their accounts, banned, having technical issues with the app or having a dispute with another user.

One user even complained the parrot they bought was not as tame as advertised.


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4. DPD

While several delivery companies had complaints about problems with delivering packages, DPD was by far the worst offender with 197 complaints. 

Most commonly these were for items that were not delivered – often when people were sitting at home waiting for them. 

Some customers claimed they even watched the couriers drive up, then drive away, only to be told by DPD they weren't home.

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3. Ticket Selection AND Viagogo 

It is fitting that the two ticket resellers received a similar amount of complaints this year.

Ticket Selection came in narrowly ahead with 231 complaints compared to Viagogo’s 230. But both were repeat offenders when it came to letting down customers this year.

Concert-goers and sports fans were left broken hearted and out of pocket when both companies failed to send tickets and then refused to respond to requests for refunds.


2. Credit Perfect, Credit Hub, Credit Portal

Haven't heard of these companies?

Neither had the hundreds of unsuspecting people who lost thousands of pounds to the credit and loan companies.

These companies hooked in people with a "free trial". But as the fine print on their website states: "A monthly fee of £14.99 applies after your free trial. You may cancel anytime during your 14 days free trial without charge."

Credit Perfect lead the way with 481 complaints, while Credit Portal had 155 complaints, and Credit Hub had 124 complaints.

One man lost £300 before realising what had happened. 

We estimate more than £12,000 has been lost by customers to these companies.

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1. Currys PC World 

Currys PC World easily took out top spot for most complained about company of 2017.

1,201 people made complaints about Currys PC World, the majority of which were from people who had discovered they were paying for product support without realising.

Unsuspecting customers discovered they had lost hundreds of pounds upon checking their bank statement and seeing frequent "Product Support Ag" charges.

Some customers had been charged for months before they noticed the charges.

So, there's plenty of room for improvement in 2018 - We hope one of their New Year's resolutions is to clear up the confusion.

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