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High pressure sellers convinced a vulnerable dementia sufferer to spend £8,000 on cosmetics.

Matt Clark
Feb 14, 2018

An elderly dementia sufferer was pressured in to buying £8,000 worth of cosmetics by shop staff who coaxed her in as she walked past their store.

Her son Mark Benson, 55, said: "They convinced her to do a facial treatment and buy a box of 12 vials that cost £8,000.

"She didn’t really understand, she has dementia and is a bit confused.

"She had no idea she was spending that much."


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He said staff at Orogold in Oxford Street, in London’s West End, must have known his mum – in her 80s – was confused as at one point she forgot her pin number.

And he says the store has refused to refund the money, the Sunday Times reported.

Orogold brands itself as "a skin care company which infused the opulence and beauty of gold into each product."

But Mark isn’t the first to have criticised the high pressure tactics of these greedy, opportunists..

One woman claimed she was plied with champagne then sold £1,000 worth of products.

Another was offered a free facial scrub before staff tried to charge her hundreds of pounds.

Another contacted trading standards to complain of aggressive sales tactics.

Orogold would not comment.

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