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Valentine's Day let down - Lovely Flora World customers sent dying flowers

Nic McBride

Nic McBride
Feb 15, 2018

Valentine's Day – it's supposed to be the most romantic day of the year and it goes without saying that you'll buy your loved one some flowers.

But imagine your Valentine's surprise being ruined when the flowers you ordered show up dying, the wrong colour, or not at all.

It's enough to make you see red – and not in a good way.

Well, that is exactly what happened to customers of online flower website Lovely Flora World.

A Spokesman Said was overrun – not with flowers – but by complaints from Lovely Flora World customers.

UPDATE: Lovely Flora World apologises to customers for sending dying flowers – but no word of refunds

Maria O’Hare, 30, from Kent, ordered 24 red roses on behalf of her dad for her mum.

"My mum lost her mum two weeks ago. My dad is not a big Valentine's Day person, but he asked me to order some flowers to cheer her up."

A nice gesture. Until the flowers showed up.

"I opened the box to find 12 almost dead yellow roses!

"My dad was like, 'are you joking? They are nearly dead'. It's just a bit gutting."

Lovely Flora World
LEFT: What Maria ordered on Lovely Flora World. RIGHT: What was delivered

Not to mention they arrived a day late.

Maria contacted Lovely Flora World about a refund.

"I emailed the company straight away but have had no response and the number I found doesn’t connect."

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"Would not look out of place on a compost heap"

John Hansen was another whose Valentine's Day was let down by Lovely Flora World.

He ordered 28 red roses for his wife.

What he got was far from a romantic gesture he'd hoped for.

"I can only say that these are the worst flowers I have ever purchased and would not look out of place on a compost heap or compost bin."

Jon Entwistle was another whose flowers left something to be desired

He also ordered roses for his wife.

"When removed from packaging, they looked nothing like as described on the website.

"Instead my wife ended up with some roses that had seen better days and were just about hanging onto life."


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50% extra

Caroline Baker paid £17.99 for flowers and opted for Lovely Flora World's 50% extra offer.

"I was shocked at how small the flowers were.

"There was no bow on the front of the flowers and it was simply tied and left looking scruffy.

"I feel disheartened now as it looks like I've bought a small cheap bouquet."


Red roses? Or yellow?

Steve Pheasant thought he was onto a winner, buying red roses for Valentine’s Day for his partner.

"When they arrived, they were yellow roses! Who wants yellow roses on Valentine’s Day?"


Flowers not even delivered

Kayleigh Blake's romantic gesture was ruined when Lovely Flora World didn't even deliver the flowers.

"I ordered flowers to my girlfriend's work place for Valentine’s Day still have had no delivery and no response from the company after I ordered them a week early and added 50% more."



We looked at the Lovely Flora World website and we noticed they have a lot of reviews. A LOT of reviews – all 5 or 4 stars too.

There are pages and pages of glowing reviews and no negative reviews to be seen. Odd considering A Spokesman Said has more than 900 complaints about Lovely Flora World.

Something doesn't add up.

Especially when a lot of the reviews stress the flowers arrived on time.

One review of a balloon simply says "Fully of air :). Excellent."

Lovely Flora World
A 'review' on Lovely Flora World's website.


Can't contact Lovely Flora World

Its website says it expects 90% of its products to arrive the next working day - but it may take longer to arrive during peak periods such as Valentine’s Day.

It also says to contact them if your delivery doesn't arrive or if there is a problem.

Jenny Oliva did that – she emailed them SIX TIMES.

"The customer service team have ignored every single one!"

"They claim to get back to you within 48 hours. There is no contact telephone number for this company.


"Flowers are perishable"

Flowers die, yes, it's sad, but you don't typically want them to be DOA when you buy them.

Lovely Flora World states on its website that "perishable products are those that go bad after a short time when harvested".

It states they need to be informed of any problems within two business days after the delivery date to give them the best chance of successfully resolving the issue.

Given their track record, I wouldn't hold your breath.

UPDATE: Lovely Flora World apologises to customers for sending dying flowers.