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Lovely Flora World apologises to customers for sending dying flowers – but no word of refunds

Nic McBride

Nic McBride
Feb 16, 2018

It's Valentine's Day. You want to show that special someone how much you care. Giving them dead flowers probably isn't going to be a very romantic gesture.

Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened to a "bunch" of Lovely Flora World customers whose flowers arrived more dead than alive, or the entirely wrong colour .

Some didn't turn up at all.


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A Spokesman Said received more than 40 complaints from unhappy Valentines.

One of the most heartbreaking cases was from Maria O’Hare, 30, from Kent.

She ordered 24 red roses on behalf of her dad for her mum, whose own mother had recently died.

"My mum lost her mum two weeks ago. My dad is not a big Valentine's Day person, but he asked me to order some flowers to cheer her up."

Lovely Flora World
The flowers Maria ordered vs the ones that were delivered.

A nice gesture. Until the flowers showed up.

"I opened the box to find 12 almost dead yellow roses!

"My dad was like, 'are you joking? They are nearly dead'. It's just a bit gutting."


"We will ensure this never happens again"

We asked Lovely Flora World to explain.

Here's what they said:

"This valentines season we received an overwhelming amount of orders and emails.

"We aimed to deliver for the 14th, the exact day customers wished to have their order however we experienced a delivery issue with our roses and had a large amount of rose not delivered to us causing us to not have enough for our orders this is why some customers have received bouquets with alternative flowers in.

"Here at Lovely Flora World we aim to deal with and resolve all customer queries but due to this busy time we may take 1-2 days to respond to a customer's message.

"We would like to apologise to all our customers and we are working on resolving all issues to ensure they are left happy and we will ensure this never happens again."


Will Lovely Flora World follow through?

While words are nice, actions say more.

Maria said she heard back from Lovely Flora World apologising and offering a replacement – they kind of missed the boat on that one.

She told them she wants her money back but got another automated email saying they'd respond in 48 hours.

We'll let you know if Lovely Flora World follow through and refund Maria for the terrible flowers she received.


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