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Florist says customers should expect flowers may not arrive fresh

Nic McBride

Nic McBride
Feb 22, 2018

You order flowers online – you expect them to look like what you ordered, right?

It should go without saying.

Well that's not the case, according to one major online florist.


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Lovely Flora World came under fire recently from unhappy customers who ordered flowers for Valentine's Day.

Their flowers arrived more dead than alive, the wrong colour - while some didn't turn up at all.

Lovely Flora World apologised, saying they were busy over the holiday, which is understandable.

But they also said something else we thought you might want to hear.

They said customers should accept the risk that their flowers might not be perfect.

This is what they told us, word for word:

"We do not believe that there is one online florist who delivers their flowers in 100% shape over such a busy period, and this is particularly the case with ‘post flowers’ – due to the nature of the product  and delivery process there is always a risk of the flowers losing their freshness upon arrival; we believe that this is something the customers have considered before placing their order."

Do you think that's good enough?

Lovely Flora World's flowers range in price from £12.99 up to £24.99 - though they say that is marked down from £54.99.

You can add in a balloon for an extra £4.99.

Would you be understanding if you'd paid up to £30 for flowers that showed up dying?

Sure, Valentine's Day is busy, but we couldn't find any notes on the Lovely Flora World website when you go to purchase your flowers suggesting your flowers may turn up dying.

They do of course have some warnings on their FAQ page, but how many people check this before they make their purchases?

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A refund for dying flowers

One of the most heartbreaking cases from Valentine's Day was Maria O’Hare, 30, from Kent.

She ordered 24 red roses on behalf of her dad for her mum, whose own mother had recently died.

"My mum lost her mum two weeks ago. My dad is not a big Valentine's Day person, but he asked me to order some flowers to cheer her up."

A nice gesture. Until the flowers showed up.

"I opened the box to find 12 almost dead yellow roses!

"My dad was like, 'are you joking? They are nearly dead'. It's just a bit gutting."

Maria said she heard back from Lovely Flora World apologising and offering a replacement. She went back to them and said 'no thanks' and asked for a refund instead.

Well, Lovely Flora World 'delivered'.

They also told us it was in the process of processing refunds and replacement for all those customers who have been unsatisfied with their Valentine’s Day orders.

We hope they deliver on that too.

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