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Viagogo could be taken to court for not fixing dodgy practices

Nic McBride

Nic McBride
Apr 25, 2018

Secondary ticketing website Viagogo has made no effort to correct its dodgy selling practices and could be taken to court.

Viagogo is one of four websites – including StubHub, GETMEIN! and Seatwave – which were called out for misleading customers by not stating the original price of a ticket, or saying exactly where the seats were.


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While the other three websites have pledged to improve, Viagogo has not.

Michael Grenfell, the Competition and Markets Authority’s executive director for enforcement, said Viagogo had failed to address their concerns.

“We are determined to ensure they comply with the law. We are prepared to use the full range of our powers to protect customers – including action through the courts.

“All secondary ticketing websites must play by the rules and treat their customers fairly if anything goes wrong. We take failure to comply with consumer protection law very seriously.”


Viagogo sends children’s tickets to adults

A Spokesman Said received 230 complaints about Viagogo last year alone.

One of those was from Janet Hollier, who paid £200 for tickets to see Saracens play Harlequins.

The tickets were for a 70th birthday present for her partner Robert.

But instead Viagogo sent childrens tickets - worth £19.50 each, far from the £200 price Janet paid. 

"They told us we could still use them even though they were children's tickets," Robert said.

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Viagogo’s poor history

A number of other concerns with Viagogo have been raised by the CMA.

These included: 

* Misleading and pressuring customers into making a purchase.

* Customers having difficulty in getting their money back.

* Advertising tickets for sale that they didn't actually have yet.



A Spokesman Said offers price comparison in energy, insurance and broadband that could save you hundreds.

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Ticketing sites ordered to stop misleading customers

New rules were introduced by the Government on April 6 which mean ticket resellers have to state the original price of a ticket, and say exactly where the seats are.

If companies breach these rules they could be fined up to £5,000 or face two years in prison.

Websites will also have to disclose any restrictions around who can use the ticket or how it must be used – such as if they need to have the ID of the original buyer.

We continue to urge people to steer clear of Ticket Selection – a website which takes people's money but doesn't send their tickets.

Meanwhile the Advertising Standards Authority cracked down on the four major ticket reselling sites for using misleading pricing with hidden fees.

StubHub, GETMEIN! and Seatwave have all formally committed to ensuring better information will be given about tickets being resold through their platforms.

Grenfell said: “Thousands of people use secondary ticketing websites to buy tickets for concerts, theatre and other events. So it’s crucial they are told what they are buying, from whom they are buying it, and whether their ticket might not actually get them into the event.

“We welcome the changes already made and new commitments we’ve been given by StubHub, Seatwave and GETMEIN! to improve the information on offer, so that people can better judge whether they’re getting a good deal.”