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Beware! Easylife Wigs accused of being a scam after it takes people's money but doesn't send products

Nic McBride

Nic McBride
Apr 30, 2018

A dodgy looking website called Easylife Wigs has emerged, selling expensive but poor-quality wigs.

A Spokesman Said has started to receive a growing number of complaints about the the website - in just over a week we have received 11 complaints about the company.


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Customers say the wigs they receive are cheap, nowhere near the standard advertised on the website. While others say they didn't even receive their orders.

When they try contact the company by email or phone, there is no response.

A Spokesman Said has contacted Easylife Wigs for comment, but has had no response.

We would advise people to steer clear of this website.

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Alarm bells

A quick look at the website raises some alarm bells.

The company is based in China, the website has numerous spelling mistakes, and it has two completely different contact email addresses.

easylife wigs
Spelling mistakes such as 'Constacts us' are all over the Easylife Wigs website.

Easylife Wigs also has suspiciously massive price discounts – one wig was marked down from $349.95 USD to $108.65.

The reviews on its website are also not for Easylife Wigs at all, but for a completely different website named Funcity.

Another big warning sign is that it appears to be an exact copy of a third website called Biccshop.

easylife wigs
The prices on Easylife Wigs are also suspicious - with massive discounts like this.

In fact Easylife Wig's 'About us' section ends:

To your total satisfaction,
The Entire "BiccshopTeam"


Customer complaints

JC Chatman said they ordered a wig a month ago and hadn't received anything.

"I have sent emails to the company once sometimes twice a week but to no avail.

"The company has taken the money a month ago but have not sent the merchandise. I went on their website to look up my order status and it said unfulfilled. I sent a copy of the status to the company and still have not heard from them."

Dannae White had a similar problem.

"I have been trying to reach someone for several weeks concerning two wigs I bought over six weeks ago."

"I have sent several emails without any reply."

Veverly Sumlin accused the company of being a scam.

She paid for express shipping, but 11 days later she'd heard nothing.

"I called to get a tracking number - the phone does not work. So, I emailed them - it came back no email address."


A Spokesman Said offers price comparison in energy, insurance and broadband that could save you hundreds.

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What to do if this happens to you

How Did You Pay?

Credit Card? You need to know about Section 75

This matters because if you paid by credit card the credit card company is ‘jointly and severally liable’ for fraud or misrepresentation, under the Consumer Credit Act 1974, section 75. That means they’re as much responsible as the original retailer.

This piece of legislation is commonly referred to as just ‘section 75’ and it lets you claim back your money from your credit card provider if you’ve been scammed. There are some conditions, though.

The item’s cost must be between £100 and £30,000. But only a single item is covered, so you can’t claim for 5 items, each costing £20.


Debit Card? You need to know about Chargeback

If those conditions above are not met, because the amount was under £100 or you used a debit or charge card, you could be entitled to a chargeback instead. A chargeback lets you ask for your money back from the retailer’s bank, not the retailer themselves.

So it’s useful even if you can’t track down a dodgy retailer, or you’re getting the silent treatment. You can claim a chargeback if the goods you ordered don’t arrive, are defective or not as described.

Chargeback isn’t legally enforceable the way Section 75 claims are and many bank staff won’t know about it, so you might have to explain it.

You should contact your bank, ask for chargeback and they will contact the retailer’s bank on your behalf. You generally have to make a chargeback request within 180 days of purchase, and there’s no upper limit to chargeback payments!


Report it to the police

If you think you have been scammed by a company you should immediately report it to ActionFraud.

ActionFraud is the UK’s national fraud and cyber crime reporting centre and will pass on your details to the police and give you a crime number.