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Distgruntled Sofology customer reveals SHOCKING experience

Steve Hodge

Steve Hodge
Sep 17, 2018

A disgruntled Sofology customer reached out to A Spokesman Said with a shocking tale of broken promises, terrible customer service and faulty goods.

The enraged furniture buyer claims they ordered a living room suite, only to discover it was in a totally ramshackle condition - and when they reached out to Sofology to fix the situation, they were greeted with pure incompetence.

They said: “If I could give this company a minus rating I most definitely would. Please accept my apologies for the very lengthy review but I cannot cut my review short.

“We visited the store in Farnborough in February and have to say we were very impressed with the vast variety of furniture on display. There was no ‘hard sell’ and staff there were exceptionally helpful and knowledgeable.

“After much deliberation we decided on 2x2 seater leather sofa and a chair - all reclining and I was very excited to place the order.

“We left with complete confidence that Sofology was the company to go with. We were told that there was the usual 10 - 12 week wait but that was fine. We received regular emails updating us of the progress of our order and at the end of May we were told that it had arrived at the warehouse and was ready to be quality inspected before being shipped to the courier (we live on the Isle of Wight and Sofology only
deliver to mainland UK).

“My furniture was delivered on 13th June (15 weeks from order date), and on inspection I was dismayed at the quality of the workmanship.

“I found at least 10 issues of shoddy workmanship - ranging from badly stitched seat cushions, a staple protruding through the leather, missed stitching on piping (the leather was hanging loose), badly fitted recliner switches on all three pieces of furniture - a wooden panel that the switches are attached to was actually visible through the leather and the leather around at least 2 of the switches was split.

“On one of the sofas there is a two inch gap at the rear between the seats and the leather is hanging loosely. I emailed Sofology Support straight away and sent photographic evidence of all the issues.

“I received a reply stating that the issues could be remedied by one of their technicians who would visit my home - they suggested re-pigmenting around the switches, stitching the piping and suggesting that my complaint regarding badly stitched seat cushions was unfounded as leather stretches. I asked them to explain how my furniture passed quality control but never did get an answer.

“After many, and I mean MANY emails, telephone conversations and requests for a technician to at least look at the problems, it was agreed on 25th June that they would order a two seater arm cover and delivery would be 8 - 10 weeks.

“I was told that as soon as the part arrived they would send it directly to my home address and the technician would come to my home and make the repairs. I double checked that it would be delivered to me directly and was told that it would. I received an email on the 28th August telling me that the part had arrived and was due to be delivered the next day.

“I took the day off work to make sure that someone was home to signor it only to find that the parcel was delivered and signed for in Southampton at the couriers! I spoke to a member of staff at Sofology Support who told me that they do not deliver to the Isle of Wight and I had to contact the courier myself and arrange and pay for onward delivery.

“I was informed that, as the parcel had been signed for (not by myself), it was now my property and they would be unable to collect it. I was told that if I didn't pay to get it to the Isle of White then they would have to order another part - which meant another 10 week delay. It was finally agreed that I pay for it to be couriered to
the island and they would reimburse the cost.

“I arranged for the arm cover to be delivered to my work address yesterday and was totally gobsmacked when I opened the parcel to find that it did not match my sofa! I called them again and I was told that it would have to be re-ordered and I would have to wait ANOTHER 10-12 weeks.”

After months of dither and delay by the seemingly useless Sofology, the customer finally snapped and decided to escalate their complaint to the Ombudsman, as well as seeking legal advice and reaching out to A Spokesman Said.

“All I wanted was a nice comfortable sofa to relax on after a hard days work and I have to say my experience with Sofology has been far from relaxing. My stress levels are through the roof and I most definitely would not recommend them.

“I will of course retract this review if the issues I have experienced so far are remedied to my satisfaction, I wait in hope and with baited breath though.”

Sort it out, Sofology!


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