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Another victory over Currys PC World – We’ve helped an angry customer get a £850 refund – We could help get your cash back too

Steve Hodge

Steve Hodge
Sep 21, 2018

A Spokesman Said have helped another very unhappy customer win a HUGE refund from Currys PC World.

With our help, Hampshire mother Terry Harper, has been refunded amassive £850 from the electrical retailer.

And we’re not finished yet – A Spokesman Said are continuing to battle for many more dissatisfied customers who’ve contacted us.

We’ll battle for a refund for you too, if you think you’ve been unfairly charged.

Last week, A Spokesman Said won £360 for Cambridgeshire student, Lewis Horsman, after he complained about an unknown care plan charged by Currys PC World - and we gained another £90 refund for another angry customer.

Trainee teacher, Erin Harper, from Fareham in Hampshire, was given a laptop as a 13th birthday present from her mother, Terry, over 10 years ago.

When Erin recently set up online banking for her mother, she noticed a monthly payment of £6.99 to Currys PC World.

She was horrified to discover that her mother knew nothing about the charge and that she had been needlessly paying every month for the last 10 years!


Have you been mischarged? Check your bank statement for ‘Product Support AG’ from Currys PC World – if it appears, get in touch with A Spokesman Said – you could be owed money.

Erin Harper contacted a Spokesman Said after feeling helpless, when her complaints to Currys PC World customer services fell on deaf ears, and she was told her mother wasn’t entitled to a refund.

Ms Harper explained: “My mum bought me a laptop for my birthday when I was 13, 10 years later when I set up online banking for her I noticed a charge from Currys for £6.99 coming out every month.”

She was totally unaware the money was being taken from her account.

“My Mum had £6.99 taken from her account every month for 10 years with no knowledge of this. I called their customer service for an answer, to which they said she would have signed for it, and yet there is no
proof because they discard of these documents after 6 months,” she said.

“I was absolutely horrified about the situation and didn’t know what to do.”

It was then Erin contacted A Spokesman Said for help.

“My poor mum had paid roughly £850 over the last 10 years for a care plan she did not agree to - for a laptop that hasn’t been used or working for 7 years!”

With the help of A Spokesman Said, Erin and her mother have now been promised a full refund of all the charges from Currys PC World – A whopping £850!

We’ve heard from many other dissatisfied customers  – A Spokesman Said are fighting for them, and we could battle for a refund for you too, if you feel you’ve been unfairly charged.

Terry Harper ended up paying over £800 on product support for a laptop that cost under £400 – Shelving out DOUBLE the cost of the laptop for a care plan she wasn’t even aware of!

Erin says her mother is looking forward to receiving the bumper cheque from Currys PC World, but she won’t splashing the cash with them again. She says this time the money is going into a savings
account…and she’ll be keeping a much closer eye on her online banking in future!

If you’ve purchased anything from Currys PC World, check your bank statements – If there is any evidence of a Product Support charge, then A Spokeman Said is ready to take on your case.

Let us know and we’ll get in touch with Currys PC World, and fight for a refund for you.

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